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Sharing a few tips to engage using the discussion forums in this post.

  1. First of all, we have Showcase Category for people want to start showcasing their daily photos. Please do so in the respective forum such as Nature & Wildlife, or Landscape.
  2. Feel free to start a new thread to keep engagement at a high level. Discuss the topic in its specific thread.
  3. Please post as many topics as you want, there is no restriction. However, posting 2-3 topics is recommended for maximum forum engagement lest the others be overwhelmed.
  4. The goal of this portal is to bring together the knowledge, discussions and images for posterity. Please use this and ask your fellow Oly users to join as well.
  5. Those who have some educational material or outside links that are helpful can post in the respective section as well.
  6. Since we are posting our images on Whatsapp And Telegram, our intention is to get all users onboard. This is so that we can always have good quality photos posted and discussed here in a threaded view to give more weight and outreach as it grows.

We shall be listening to feedback and suggestions. Let us know what you want.