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[Closed] Blogging basics

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If you want to contribute to the site by blogging, please let the Admins know. Once you get confirmation that you have been made a site contributor, you can start blogging.

Follow these steps and you're all set.

1. Login at https://olympususers.com/wp-login.php


2. Your homepage will be displayed as a contributor or author.


3. Click on Write in the Top Right corner. You should see the post page.


4. Start writing. Add a title and start typing your post. Click the black + icon to show the available styles. Click Browse All to show all possible styles and tools available to you. Hovering over the icons tell you what that style/tool is for. Embed you images using a gallery or any other image tool. You can also just drag and drop an image into the post.



Enjoy your blogging experience. One of the Editors/Authors will make sure that your blog post is OK and correct anything that might be out of place. They will get in touch with you and confirm that you are OK with those changes. It will be published shortly after that.